Missed Mana Yoga & Beach Cleanup Activity

Hawaii Pacific University Guest Blogger Student Series.

My sister and I were very excited to try this yoga session, but unfortunately, we were unable to find the activity and missed it. We arrived 4 minutes after the scheduled time and wondered if maybe people had already left the park to do the cleanup, so we waited around the park for 45 minutes looking for anyone either cleaning up trash or doing yoga, but we found no one. I tried to call and look for Jonathan, the instructor for the yoga session, and checked multiple times that we were in the right place.
While ultimately we couldn’t find the event, I’ve thought of a few ways that travel2change and Yoga Love Mana can improve their communication to ensure that this doesn’t happen again with other participants the future. First, the confirmation email only specifies to meet between Waikiki Aquarium and Barefoot Beach Cafe at a particular tree. That area between the two buildings has at least 20 different trees that look similar to one another. Perhaps they could improve by specifying to meet right next to either the aquarium or the cafe instead. Another problem I saw was that there were other yoga groups in that area who I spoke to and were not part of the same organization. I think that getting some travel2change flag banners that can be easily transported would be an effective way to communicate where the activity is and even gain some publicity as well.
Even though I couldn’t make my own event, I hope that this feedback helps with participant experiences in the future. I’ve heard some excellent stories from others who attended this event, and am still very interested in trying more activities with travel2change.

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My sister and I waited around the park for 45 minutes to see if we could find anyone with travel2change.

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