Be Creative & Build Hope and Communities-Honolulu Habitat for Humanity Volunteering

Hawaii Pacific University Guest Blogger Student Series.

Wish to help house a homeless family? Volunteering at Honolulu HFH (Habitat for Humanity) ReStore might be for you. Since 1976, the NGO has built over 600,000 affordable homes for 3 million communities. This process all starts in the ReStore:  the lifeblood of HFH’s construction projects and serves multiple customers. From people who need items for DIY home improvement and those requiring items to help build homes from scratch. In addition, the ReStore serves as the facility that processes relevant donations to aid HFH’s projects (from chairs to saws), restores them, and puts them on sale. All profits made from the ReStore furthermore, fund each new housing construction project in Honolulu.

I signed up for a half-day shift on September 16, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Honolulu HFH ReStore (off North King Street). Prior to my shift, I had to register on the HFH website to ensure the organisation had my record on file if I ever wished to volunteer again. I met with the on-site coordinator for the day, went through a quick orientation and tour, before settling into my work area.

I was expecting to be doing hardwork that Saturday morning:  tasks like carrying heavy boxes or unloading deliveries. But my shift involved only basic, simple tasks: namely sprucing up a donated circular saw to be put on sale, cutting boards in half, and applying paint remover on a patio table to be restored. It may seem like mundane tasks to most, but for myself it was a rewarding and helpful experience. I have always wanted to try being a ‘handyman’ for a day and enhance by DIY skills for my own knowledge.

I would happily recommend signing up for a shift, full day or half day, and depending on your experience like mine, may be interested in volunteering multiple times!

Fellow volunteers at work!

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