Mana Yoga and Beach Cleanup


On Saturday, September 23rd, I attended the Mana Yoga and Beach Cleanup event that held place at Queen’s beach in Waikiki.  At 10:30 a.m., we met our instructor, Jonathan, and the rest of the group (seven people, counting myself).  The cleanup lasted about 30 minutes, and it felt amazing since I could finally give back to nature – even if it was just for a little while.  I felt like it could’ve been much longer since time flew by so fast and we could’ve done much more.

Jonathan gathered us in two rows at a grass place in the park facing the ocean.  He started the yoga class with a few basic poses and exercises, though I admit I struggled a bit with them.  It was challenging but at a doable level, and it motivated me to do better.  I was hesitant at first since I’m not too experienced with yoga, but there really was no need to feel insecure since Jonathan explained that everyone has their own level, therefore we don’t have to push ourselves too hard.  I could tell that some were new, some more experienced, but everyone was there to have a good time.

This experience was special since I got to spend time outdoors and learn something that I was interested in but didn’t really have the chance to.  Yoga is an expensive sport to learn, and as a college student, it’s hard to go out there and attend pricey classes.  I loved how this event caused me to do stuff that I probably wouldn’t have without the opportunity but realized how much I enjoyed it.

I definitely recommend this event to anyone who loves nature and is looking for a soothing yoga class right in front of the ocean.  Book your appointment today for an amazing experience!

Found plastic wrappers at the beach during the cleanup!

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