Mana Yoga & Beach Cleanup

Hawaii Pacific University Guest Blogger Student Series.

I joined the Mana Yoga & Beach Cleanup event at Kapiolani Regional Park on Saturday morning, September 23rd. Travel2change sent me the confirmation email several times before the event day, and the email mentioned what we need to bring and where exactly in Kapiolani Park we would be meeting at. The confirmation email contained a picture too, and those information helped me a lot to find the meeting point. I do not know the park well, so the meeting point would have been hard to find without the detailed information from them.

Jonathan, the instructor was very nice and friendly, and I was so excited to try yoga since I had never had a professional yoga lesson before.

Before a one hour yoga lesson, I did a beach cleanup with provided gloves and a reusable trash bag. I found a lot of trash around the Barefoot Beach Café, and we each collected a bag full of trash in 30 minutes. I felt very good about doing something better for the earth because I do not really do these things on my own.

The yoga lesson was amazing, and I felt my body is relaxed after the lesson. I was nervous because I am a beginner, but there was no need to worry. He taught us various poses from easy ones to difficult ones, but he never forced us to do the same as he did. There were some poses that I could not do because of my inflexibility. However, it made me feel I want to join this event again and become more flexible.

Overall, my Mana Yoga & Beach Cleanup event experience was very fun! I really liked travel2change’s concept of “do something fun with a positive impact.” I highly recommend to join this Mana Yoga & Beach Cleanup event.

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I picked up a lot of cigarette butts at Kapiolani Park.

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