Savor Chocolate & Support a Sustainable Farm

by 21 Degrees Estate ($)

Elevated above the windward side of O`ahu in the ahupua`a of Kahalu`u, lies an estate where a veteran-owned and family operated single-origin cacao farm practices “malama ka `aina,” to care-for, cultivate, conserve and preserve using sustainable practices with the intent of contributing to future generations.  Sadly, without mission driven locally influenced ag practitioners, travelers may never get to experience native places operated in this manner.

Join us as we visit a family that has perfected that practice of making chocolate on-island from bean-to-bar.  While here, you may see other delicacies being raised like apple-bananas, coconut, starfruit, turmeric, avocado, mango, guava, breadfruit, lychee and kukui as well as the colorful floral of heliconia, awapuhi, and “torch” ginger flowers, each of which are an important niche in Hawaii’s agriculture.  Your support will help advance our mission to create a diverse, safe, healthy, and sustainable Hawaiian farm with clean air, water, soil and power –economically, equitably, and ecologically for all to enjoy.


  • Taste chocolate made from bean-to-bar
  • Learn about the cultivation process of single origin cacao
  • Support a local small farm with goats, chickens, and delicacies uniquely grown in Hawaii

Know Before You Join

  • Must be able to stay on feet and walk over uneven terrain for the duration of the tour
  • Must join by clicking the calendar link on this page (sorry, no drop-ins)

4 reviews

  1. Cultura

    Hola, soy ILda de 65 años, desde joven he querido visitar Hawaii, es un sueño que tengo y me gustaría realizar, soy de nacionalidad mexicana y española, desde hace casi 30 años vivo en España. Ya me diréis cuando puedo ir a visitarlos! Un gran abrazo. Gracias! 😊

  2. Cultura en. Mis manos!!

    Hola como están? Soy Soledad, uruguaya me encantaría visitar esa belleza de lugar y sumarme para colaborar.. Me gustó mucho lo relacionado a granja y al chocolate. Abrazo

  3. Great experience!

    Visiting this farm is a great way to see up close what is going on with agriculture on Oahu. We learned a lot and appreciated the openness and thoroughness of our hosts. While we were most interested in the cacao, there were other bonuses like feeding and petting goats, learning about bees, and being able to ask these well-informed locals anything under the sun. And sunny it was! So make sure you have sufficient hats, sunscreen and water along for the duration of the tour (unless it is raining and then you will need shoes for muddy terrain). After the tour you will have a chance to purchase their exquisite chocolate bars from their tiny gift shop. It went longer than two hours so factor that into your day as well. A valuable experience that we would do again in the future!

  4. Great Family Experience

    Beautiful location. The kids had fun with the goats, the grownups had fun with the chocolate tasting, and we all leaned more about cacao and chocolate in a few hours than we knew possible. Amazing hosts, and even more amazing chocolate!

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