Hiking & Camping in Hawaii – are you prepared?

by Jackie Edwards, guest blogger and former tour guide, is a hiking, camping and outdoor enthusiast.

Changes for Hawaii’s Hiking & Outdoor Adventures

Tread lightly on Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem by adhering to new rules aimed at protecting areas vulnerable to invasive species. Being aware can promote environmental sustainability during adventures across the islands.

Camping Safety

During campoutssafe food preparation includes treating diet related illness in the wilderness. Avoid consuming raw foods and pack in a way that prevents from cross-contamination.  In Hawaii, it’s also important to bring cold weather clothing for campouts, rather than packing for only tropical climates. Overnight temperatures on mountains commonly drop well below those near the coast.  Prepare also with weather related gear during periods of wind, humidity, and rainfall.

Precautions for Hikers in Hawaii

The usual advice still applies for hiking in tropical climates: wear sun protection and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Be aware that many trails have limited cell reception, meaning you should always travel in a group for safety. Smoking is illegal in parks and beaches across Hawaii’s islands. Campsites, as well popular trails often require a permit, which you can obtain from the Department of Land and Natural Resources for a small fee.

Going Green

One of the biggest changes to outdoor adventures is a growing shift towards sustainable choices for activities based in nature. Smart practices emphasize a carry-in, carry-out policy regarding waste management. You can minimize your ecological footprint by wearing low-tread hiking boots, using eco-friendly sunscreen, and keeping paper bags handy to store your garbage.

Safe Use of Portable Stoves

New technology is available to make cooking on a campout, safe and reliable without the dangers of propane stoves that omit gas threatening to wildlife and many other dangers.

Staying informed will help ensure that adventures in paradise are filled with aloha for you and the places you discover.

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