5 Ways to Volunteer Abroad

guest blog submitted by Jamie Costello, a business student based in Manchester, UK.

Volunteering has benefits within itself, but volunteering abroad can provide satisfaction on a whole new level. It issues an intimate perspective on overseas communities and people. A feeling you won’t get at home. Here are some great places that you can volunteer abroad.


A popular destination for many travelers, there’s incredible versatility in volunteering opportunities which has something for most in Thailand. Anything from working with human trafficking to bathing rescued elephants in wildlife sanctuaries is just some of the options available.


If you’re a big animal lover, Australia may just be the destination for you when it comes to volunteering abroad. You can volunteer to hug Koala’s at the Koala Sanctuary, or feed lively dolphins out on Morton Island. On top of that, it’s also a great destination to live!


Engrossed in history and culture, India is a vibrant country that’s sure to satisfy any of your volunteering needs. There are suitable jobs in health clinics, childcare and teaching. It will be dependent on the region you base yourself in, as there is great variety in where you work.


Cambodia has been rifled in political issues, which sees the country still absorbed in poverty, hunger and human rights issues. Opportunities to help those in need include English language teaching, or various construction projects to build better environments.


Did you know that Ethiopia was the birthplace of coffee? Where would you be without your early morning fix? This makes it a prime destination for farm volunteering. As well as that, you can also engage in brewing roles and other opportunities involved in medicine.

Helping others provides great satisfaction and being able to do it in destinations where it’s more in need is an incredible experience. So, rather than apply for a UK visa to work somewhere like England, how about volunteering abroad and getting out of your comfort zone to help those in more need than others in the destinations above?