Sunset Yoga and Food Drive

Hawaii Pacific University Guest Blogger Student Series.

I can’t lie and say I didn’t get there a couple minutes late, but thankfully I didn’t miss much. Once I had found my place among the twenty or so people of all different yoga backgrounds lined up with yoga mats, and towels we jumped right into it. Now I will say that I am a huge yoga fan but most of the yoga I had done was in a studio. It had also been months since I had taken a real class so I was a little skeptical of what my body was going to be able to do. I had found a place in the back and it was a little windy that day so I wasn’t able to hear the instructor as well as I had wished. Our instructor led us through an easy warm up, with some steady breathing to put us in our zone. We went through everything from sun salutations, to warrior one, two, and triangle poses giving us slight breaks here and there with an easy child’s pose.
I was very surprised at my own skills as well as others around me. There was me who could place my palms flat on the Earth below me, and a couple of men in front of me who could barely get to their toes. Unfortunately, Ala Moana is one of the busier beaches thus there was a lot of static noise around us making it harder to stay in the moment. The class only lasted for about an hour, or so before we wrapped everything up with a simple meditation.
Overall I enjoyed the class. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and demonstrated his expertise very well. I walked away from this class feeling relaxed and one with the earth and myself once more.

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