travel2change in Action!


How it all started

In early 2013 my students at Kaiser High School embarked on a journey of creativity, innovation and the will to make a difference after the field representatives of “travel2change” (T2C) came to my Social Studies courses and delivered an on-the-spot think tank to contribute ideas to the “Hawaii Challenge”. From my perspective as a teacher it was a shot in the dark but sure enough a few students were right on target and submitted their ideas to the T2C website. After a few months of hundreds of public submissions and deliberation, T2C concluded that the winning idea was one of my students, Carmen Sameire. After winning the challenge, Carmen and a few other students formed the Helping Everyone Reach Out Club (H.E.R.O Club) to use as a platform for the idea to launch from.

From Idea to Action

The winning idea, in a nutshell, was to travel to various outer islands and help spread awareness regarding sustainability via connecting other non-profit organizations and the local youth. A year later and here we go thank to T2C! We have successfully partnered with “Recycle Hawaii” to help execute their “Recycle Art Festival” and plan to do various trash trail clean ups around the Hilo side of Big Island (particularly hot spots of high traffic and tourist routes). We are greatly eager and have been breaking down the walls of logistics (plane fares, rental vans, lodging, etc.) and will be heading out April 3rd-6th for our adventure.

Show your support! 

An important component of making this trip a reality is the fundraising effort. When this trip was becoming a reality I wrote a grouping of songs and decided to move them into production. After a month in the studio 4-songs emerged about hope, faith, love of life and simply lending a hand for good causes. I have dedicated these songs to my students of the H.E.R.O Club. If you download these tunes and tip, it will go directly towards the efforts of students who are planning on making a positive difference in this world. We will send you photos/videos along the way via email. Your time is valuable so MAHALO and thank you for taking a minute to see what we are doing. Cheers! –Adam Yeatts

Listen. Download. Donate. Share. Follow the journey. #ofchange
Adam Bradley:


Songs written and performed by: Adam Yeatts

Engineered & produced by: Jeff James Album

Cover/art: Kenny Vidinich (One Vibe Creative Studios)

Music Video: Jenn Byrne & Rob Conrad

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