Traveling pro surfers vs. GMOs

Surfing for Change

Kyle Thiermann is a pro surfer who travels around the globe surfing. During his travels he realized that surfing is just part of what he could be doing while traveling. Therefore he changed his idea from “surfing” to “Surfing for Change”. Kyle travels to Hawaii and joins the local surfing community to get involved in some of the local GMO issues. His passion for travelling and surfing help him raise awareness.  His small idea brings great revolutions about issues people are facing in local communities.

During Kyle’s visit to Hawaii, he highlighted many of the ongoing issues with GMO’s(Genetically Modified Organisms), more specifically the situation with Monsanto. Turns out the Hawaiian Islands have become one of the main testing grounds for GMO corporations. These companies are spraying toxic pesticides near schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, and some of the world’s best surf. People are getting sick, and the land and water are being poisoned.

Check out Kyle’s video where he talks with some of the local communities and helps bring awareness to a situation that most people are unaware of.

Kyle is a great example of a traveler using his passion to make a difference while he travels. You too can make a difference when you travel. Travel2change helps you to come up with innovative travel experience ideas. For inspiration on sports-related travel experiences, check out the latest submission to our sport’s challenge. You can also discover meaningful travel experiences in Hawaii.


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