Sport has the power to change the world

Empowerment through football

Inspired by Nelson Mandelas famous words, we launched a challenge and ask how travelers can use sports to create a positive impact during their trip.

Half way through the challenge, it is time for a brief resume. We are happy to see that our community is growing day by day – slowly, steadily, sustainably. Thus far, you submitted great ideas – posted by locals and travelers from all over the globe. Some are yet mere ideas, observations and dreams, others are ongoing projects, volunteering opportunities or soon-to-be-realized plans.

Get inspired by others!

The world’s eyes are on Brazil in summer, being the host of the FIFA world championship. Thousands of volunteers will travel to South America and support the organizers to make it a memorable, peaceful event. But besides from entertainment and physical effects, football can be great tool to create change. If your browse our travel experiences, you’ll find ways to use football as a medium for education and empowerment. While doing sports with (and against) each other, language barriers can be bypassed and intercultural exchange and learning takes place.

Other ideas deal with hiking and running: Shortcomings in financial resources can be overcome by fundraising events. Local guides provide most authentic information on endangered species and how to preserve the beauty of their area.

These are just some brief examples. What comes to your mind? Take the chance and submit your idea for a meaningful travel experience related to sports until April 17th. Be it skiing, surfing, cycling, dancing, diving… Be creative, share your thoughts and inspire others!

It’s simple and it is quick!

  1. Give it a comprehensible, catchy title and describe the idea in max. 140 characters
  2. Show more detailed how travelers and locals can use sports together to achieve a goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a project you’re working on, a unique approach to tackle an issue that bothers you, or a “wouldn’t it be cool if…”! Sharing your thoughts and ideas for an experience is the first step toward bringing it to life. Use visuals and links to make it as compelling as possible.
  3. Activate your personal network: Invite your friends, colleagues, or travel buddies and collect supporters and votes!

Besides the community voting, our expert jury will evaluate and award the best ideas until May 15th according to feasibility, sustainability, fun factor and social impact.

Let’s change the way we travel and benefit the communities we visit!


In case of questions, feel free to contact our community manager Sina or drop a mail to


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