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Annie’s travel report

My husband, Mark, and I have done several projects in Mexico, India, and Africa and are always looking for opportunities to educate ourselves and others while sharing aloha.  One of our projects was done in Goa, India during the winter break of 2009-2010.  Colorado Mesa University sent us, along with a small group of students, on a six week winter break adventure. We realized that there was an opportunity to do a community service project along the way, so Mark and I advocated for funding through the Associated Student Government before we left.  With the funds, we were able to hire a local contractor to create a sanitation station at a school for children of transient parents so that the children could use a proper toilet instead of the half wall between the school and street.  Alongside the kids, we painted fences and a mural for their classroom.  We also paid to improve the electricity and lighting in their classroom and create a hand-washing station and playground.  Our project was successful and the kids were absolutely delightful to play with.

Mark and I have also collected and taken a trailer full of new and gently used shoes, clothes, and toys to an orphanage in Los Mochis, Mexico, and built huts for families in Mwandi, Africa.  Together we enjoy getting involved and connecting with people wherever we go.

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