How to create your trip idea to travel2change Hawai’i

Identifying your calling

First check out our call for ideas. Then follow the three simple steps to create your trip!


Step 1: Find your passion.
Do you have a unique skill, ability, or characteristic that you could use to help the communities you visit? Maybe you’re passionate about about basketball, and could use that passion to teach underprivileged children how to play. Perhaps you’re a skilled carpenter, and can help reinforce the structures of homes in other countries. Or maybe you’re a musician who’s passion for the arts could teach others how to express themselves through music.

Step 2: Identify the problem.
Where do you want to go? There are so many communities across the globe that face unique challenges each and every day. These communities struggle through extreme poverty, access to clean water, and poor educational systems. When you find your destination, travel2change can offer an opportunity to connect with these local communities to learn from them the problems they face. Then you can decide how to use your passion to help.
If you can’t decide on a destination, travel2change also hosts unique, area-specific challenges. Right now, the challenge is centered on benefitting the communities in Hawaii.

Step 3: Create and submit.
When you’ve found your passion and your destination, all that’s left is to write out your idea and submit it through travel2change. During a challenge, the top trip ideas will be voted on and the winner will receive funding to help realize their goal.

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