Working together to make travel more meaningful

Benefiting the local Hawaiian community

In this first face-to-face workshop, travel2change brought together travelers, local individuals and nonprofit organizations to create trip ideas that benefit local communities in Hawai’i. More than 50 creative changemakers came together in Honolulu to shape the future of traveling within and to Hawai‘i.

After the introduction to travel2change, participants brainstormed trip ideas in breakout groups. The ideas ranged from involving tourists in bike workshops to inspire them to explore Hawai’i by bike to teach travelers urban farming as a way to learn about the local culture and cuisine. Many ideas were directly submitted online to the Hawai’i challenge. You can see all ideas here. In the end of the workshop, the ideas were shared and discussed.

The participant’s creativity was supported by excellent food from Mix Café and beer from the Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company. We are very thankful to the BoxJelly, Honolulu’s first co-working space, for hosting our workshop.

The Hawai’i challenge is open until May 17th. The best trips will get funding to move from idea to action. Create your trip idea today!

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