100,000 Books – a book for every child in Nepal

Promoting education to Nepal’s youth

Here’s an announcement by our community member Prem Bohara from Nepal.

Shiksha Nepal, non-governmental organization has prepared to launch “Euta Kitab Literacy Campaign 2015” which has a goal to give 100,000 children’s books (children’s literature; stories) to make 100 libraries in Nepal by 2015 to benefit more than 70,000 children of remote areas of Nepal. Every school going child will have easy access to read their favorite books- inspiring stories with beautiful illustrations and pictures. Shiksha Nepal, a nonprofit organization committed to children’s education, aims to provide an opportunity for every child in Nepal to see the light of education, working in collaboration with local communities, schools and diverse partners.

“Euta Kitab” is made by two Nepali words ‘Euta’ means ‘one’ and ‘Kitab’ means ‘book’, together ‘a book for every child in Nepal’. With the success of our pilot phase program conducted at five schools in Dolpa, Shiksha Nepal is confident to meet the campaign target by 2015 as this program is highly recognized, participated and supported by the likes of celebrities, journalists, bankers, trekkers, government officials, youth leaders, entrepreneurs, international figures and local people. “It is simple, yet profound that we have managed to include people from around the world in such a short span of time” said Prem Bahadur Bohara, founder and CEO of Shiksha Nepal. We believe that every single person can make a difference through “Euta Kitab”- an opportunity for the willing to ensure a bright future for all those children whose world until yesterday was but a dark place. And all you would have to do is, give a book to a child through Shiksha Nepal’s “Euta Kitab” campaign.

How This Campaign Runs?

This campaign runs with your generous support and young people’s effort for the children who are now in schools of remote areas of Nepal. Shiksha Nepal designed this campaign for everyone who is passionate about making a difference in the world by investing little effort. Every one of you can contribute and participate in giving a book and also suggesting friends and family to do the same. We all have something to give and we can give something – a book for a child who needs.

How Can I be a part of it?

There are many ways to get involve; basically, you can be a part of it a;

  1. Be a Donor
  2. Be a Volunteer
  3. Be a Fundraiser

Please email us by indicating your interest on above at universalprem@gmail.com. You can learn more about the organization on their Facebook page.

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