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The beauty of new experiences

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For most individuals holidays provide, for a short period of time, the freedom to choose how and where that time is spent. Freed from all of the usual social constraints the mind and body are allowed to experience and absorb life from an entirely different perspective. Those who are fortunate enough to enjoy relaxing sun holidays with Thomson are also presented with perfect opportunities to learn about the social norms of other cultures. Holidays are times of integration; not confrontation and people are far more open to being tolerant of differences when a foreign culture is hosting their very pleasant break from the reality of their lives. It is an experience, which will be shared, in a very positive light, with family, friends and colleagues on their return.

Experiences are knowledge gatherers, and lounging on a warm, golden, tropical beach with turquoise oceans tugging at one’s toes will cause the body to store much more than just a healthy supply of Vitamin D. Diving those same waters will have the mind forming wonderful and lasting impressions of locations other than one’s own. Being guided by a local expert in exploring the ancient wonders of Egypt and Peru, among others, makes more than just the jaw drop; the penny will most certainly also drop and a new understanding of the indigenous people will emerge. Information gathering extends far beyond what is visible to the eye; it is the small details of the everyday lives of these people that reveal the most.

Early morning or evening strolls on long stretches of powdery sands while watching the ocean go about its business can also reveal how some locals go about theirs. It can be an eye-opener to exactly how much is usually taken for granted by the average person. Watching local fishermen make their living by providing the fresh, succulent seafood that lures visitors to seductive local restaurants can be an enriching experience that brings a new appreciation of others. Visits to countries committed to the preservation of the planet’s wildlife can bring the same kind of awakening to just how much this is a global and personal responsibility. Safaris in the sun allow much more than just a temporary view of how animals survive in the wild; they reveal a mutual reliance if our shared planet is to survive.

Travel enriches the body and soul and pushes the boundaries of popular thought to explore other possibilities. It promotes tolerance and understanding, not only of the differences, but also of the commonalities that bind us all together. It can not only prevent conflict among various nations, but can create a new awareness of the ecosystem on which every life form is reliant.

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