Snapshot of inspiring trip ideas

How can YOU travel2change?

Thanks to all who submitted trip ideas to our challenge on Facebook . Here are three inspiring ideas from more than 30 submissions.

One trip idea among the submissions that try to leverage skills to collaborate with local communities is Cole’s trip idea: He wants to travel2help the world see by providing eyesight education. The plan is to work with a non-profit organization from California to make his idea happen. For at least one year Cole plans to travel throughout South East Asia and India to realize his idea.

Han Nee provided a great example on how her passion for travel can be connected to meaningful work. She has been a sponsor of a little boy in Brazil for several years. Now she plans to travel to Brazil to meet him and his community to provide reading materials, board games and educational toys. By traveling to improve reading skills, Han Nee wants to support children and the youth to develop necessary skills, promote literacy and critical thinking.

Other ideas start with recognizing problems within local communities. Because of the increase in crimes against women in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, Muthia wants to travel2teach women self defense. Muthia is not only a professional self-defense instructor but also a passionate traveler. By teaching other women how to react against violence, Muthia shares her skills, helps others and provides meaningful impact to the local women.

How can you travel2change? Create your idea before February 7th for a chance to win $ 500!



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