“How to describe a successful idea“ for the travel2change idea challenge

Firstly, learn about the idea challenge and inform yourself what exactly it is about. The big question is “How can we rethink travel to create a positive impact on the lives of hosting communities?” The challenge revolves around the theme of water! Read “About the challenge” for more information.

Get inspired – get creative – travel2change!

6 key steps to mapping your project for the idea challenge

  1. Name of the idea (you can also create a synonym)
  2. Problem
    • Tell us what the problem is and how you know about this problem
    • Identify the category (or categories) your problem is addressing (environment, sports, health, education)
    • Specify a location where the problem occurs and where your project should be realized
    • Be as specific as possible, focus on the problem you will be addressing directly (not just changing the world)
  3. Strategy
    • Define the goal of your idea
    • Identify the audience (the children, all the local community, …) of your project
    • Tell us your strategy of how to “solve” the occurring problem
    • Tell us how the idea can be implemented to reach a long-term effect
    • The strategy should be of collaborative efforts between you and local communities, as with local support we can achieve a greater and sustainable impact. Tell us if you have local support already or if you are the host, or if you are still looking for community members to choose to host the idea
    • Be innovative and think out of the box, but be realistic on what can be done
  4. Benefit
    • We are looking for positive and sustainable impacts on many lives, something that makes a real difference and contributes positively to many people
    • Some benefits can also be intangible and help people towards happiness or motivation
    • Some (additional) benefits might only develop later, but you should have a clear idea what benefits will be brought to the local community, it should add value to their lives
  5. Support your idea
    • Add photos, videos or other documents to support your idea. The more visual the better!
    • Tell us how many people are on your team and if you are still looking for support
  6. Be a great community member
    • Comment on other ideas, ask questions and help develop many great projects. The more you add, collaborate and critique the better! Become the most valuable participant!
    • If someone else’s idea sparks something for you, you can build on it! Collaborate with other people and let the magic happen!
    • Read and comment on our blog
    • Spread the word to all your friends about how together we can make a difference! Rethink travel and realize your idea!

The clearer your idea is presented, the more tangible is it, the easier to grasp and the more support it will get! Now get creative and let’s travel2change!

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Your travel2change team

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