“Surf Liberia” – an inspiring idea from a travel2change community member

A graduating international relations major from Hawaii Pacific University has submitted an idea to the travel2change idea generation challenge that could take her to Liberia this summer to help foster the beginnings of a surf school.

The “Surf Liberia” project will utilize the surf talents of local athletes as instructors and mentors for the other youth in their community. The selected location in Liberia has ideal conditions for surfing. However, many local people cannot utilize these superb surf breaks because they do not have access to equipment like surfboards, leashes, and wax. This great project idea will help create the surf school and bring this equipment to the local community.

“My interest in the project came from my desire to help people and my love of surfing and the ocean. I first realized that I wanted to do humanitarian work when I was in eighth grade after watching a news piece on 60 Minutes about poverty in Africa. From that moment on I was always curious about the world and the issues facing it, especially poverty and inequality issues.”

– Jenelle Lewis, travel2change community member

Jenelle’s desire to serve and assist has led her to implement numerous successful projects. She is the founder of the One Love One Life organization. Their mission is to “spread awareness to youth about pressing global issues and foster involvement”. They have raised $2,000 for Oxfam, sponsored 13 children through World Vision for a year, raised $800 for an AIDS orphanage in Zimbabwe, and sponsored multiple guest speakers for local schools, and so much more.

Please provide your input by evaluating and commenting on Jenelle’s idea “Surf Liberia” for the travel2change idea challenge. Evaluations of project ideas by the community as well as the jury are based on the following criteria:

Creativity     *     Effectiveness         Impact     *     Feasibility         Sustainability

You can indicate your evaluation of an idea by assigning 1 to 5 water drops to each criteria of the design. The average rating is displayed within the idea pool. The jury will consider the evaluations of community members when selecting the winners of the challenge. Become active at http://travel2change.org/!

The travel2change team is honoured to have Jenelle Lewis as a member, inspiration, and collaborator!


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