The benefits to organizations to piggy-back with travel2change

Image provided by Hanno Mackowitz

Organizations are invited to submit their projects to our idea challenge! It can be any projects that they are currently working on as long as the project is related to the theme of water. If projects serve educational purposes, are sports-related, involve environmental changes or are purely health-related, no problem! There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to linking water and your idea to create social change!

So what are the benefits to your organization?

If your idea wins, you receive support and the help of volunteer travelers from our community to help realize your project. This will help you advance your organization’s mission and additionally faster help local communities to a positive change! If traveling is necessary for the project, we will fund the trip of your project leader and thus save you costs and planning time!

You also have the possibility to make your organization known to our community of interested travelers, volunteers, other valuable organizations and many local communities around the world! Represent your organization on our website, use your own logo and support your project ideas with photos and videos from your organization.

If you haven’t joined our community yet or haven’t submitted your projects yet, go to and do it now! If you want to make your organization, your project and your cause more globally known, help us spread the word about travel2change to your network, partners and friends!

How do you see the benefit of organizations to team up with travel2change?

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