How can you heal the world by being a traveler?

How can you heal the world by being a traveler?

by Sarah Bennett

Man’s desire to understand life, search for the mental and spiritual peace and happiness in life, is not a new thing. The ancient history proves that in search for attaining the eternal peace, true happiness, achieving wisdom and divine enlightenment, people used to travel to mountains and forests to meditate, especially in Asian countries like India and China.

Those that gained real enlightenment moved to various parts of the world to explain the true meanings of life and happiness. They spread their messages of peace, love, compassion, equality and universal brotherhood to the world.

The divine preaching of those enlightened spiritual great men healed many turbulent minds, bruised egos and helped alleviate the sufferings of mankind by explaining real meanings of the life and way to the happiness in life.

Even today, many people travel across the world in search of knowledge to understand and rediscover themselves. They move from place to place in an effort to achieve happiness, energize themselves and provide peace to their stressed minds.

During their travel, they meet various people at different places and find marked similarities in the nature of sufferings and happiness. The stories of lives, reasons for happiness and miseries are the same everywhere.

People travel to other places due to various reasons like:

· Personal reasons
Lone travelers usually travel with a reason or cause which may be personal or social. Among personal reasons, more often than not, broken hearts due to broken relationships, failed marriages, family relation and job-related problems are very common.

· Travel with specific objectives for masses
Many people travel to heal the sufferings inflicted upon them by the society whereas many travel for the protection of animals, save or increase agriculture and protect the environment.

There are many that travel to different places, strive and slog for socio-economical causes like women’s empowerment, women’s education and equality, protection of human rights, removal of social evils, poverty, hunger, child abuse and many more.

Somewhere, such social activists try to alleviate sufferings of mankind. Their endeavors for social justice can bring cheers to the lives of many oppressed, deprived, hungry and homeless people and heal their bruised soul.

You can contribute to healing people by being a traveler by coming close and inspiring such people. You can also provide a healing touch by:

· Creating a bond of understanding and trust
When you move around different parts of the world, you meet and interact with different people. Besides sharing your life, moments of happiness happy and sorrow; you learn many things about each other’s life. You, many a time develop a bond of friendship, affection, sympathy with them and you try to provide comfort to each other.

· Power of empathy
Showing concern and sharing feelings with few words of sympathy leave magical effects and provide solace and heal stressful minds of people you meet and interact, while on travel.

· Body language and pleasant mannerisms
Your approach and sincerity in lending a sympathetic hearing to the other person sends positive vibes and reflects kindness in you. Your body language and pleasing manners play a crucial role in comforting the person.

· Connection with nature
Nature healing has both healing and restorative powers. By traveling to places which are close to nature, you simply forget the things that cause stress to you like your family, relationships, job and office.

Nature plays a vital role in redressing and recharging you mentally and physically, besides helping you to regain good health and get rid of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and abdominal discomforts associated with stress.

· Power of healing with nature
Clean air, swimming in natural sources like sea or river and taking sunbath are certainly good activities. There are various places which are not only worth seeing but help in healing certain diseases. Wonders gifted by nature like natural hot springs, cold springs sulphur springs contain earth’s healing properties. Bathing or soaking in these mineral-rich spring waters can treat skin diseases, relieve body pains, remove stress and add to the longevity of your life.

· Adopting soul cleansing and healing exercises

Yoga and meditation are the gifts of great spiritually rich nation, India to the world. Both yoga and meditation have power to heal the mind, body & soul and help changing way of life.

People adopting yoga and practicing yogic exercise learn to lead a restraint life. They switch to a much cleaner way of life that inspires them to remain physically strong, stress-free, feel rejuvenated and relieved of various lifestyle diseases.
Meditation relieves the mental stress and physical strains to makes you understand life, take the world in right perspectives and face the challenges of life with courage and confidence.

Traveling to heal yourself and society

Visiting new locations, meeting new people, learning new languages while experiencing and relishing different foods, increases a traveler’s delight and helps in forgetting his past moments of sorrows, distress, and pain. As a nice soul, when you help someone in trouble, you feel blessed by the Almighty with eternal pleasure and satisfaction.

People opting for traveling alone feel enthused and elevated for rediscovering their worth and self-esteem. They get a lot of boost in their confidence levels and sense of pride in themselves and wish to impart and share their experiences with people close to them.

Whereas, people that travel to places, keeping in mind the justified causes pertaining to the society, can heal millions around the world besides bringing fame, respect and status to themselves.

This type of travel, apart from healing individuals, opens new doors, new vistas of growth & mutual co-operation. Sustainable traveling stimulates all round development, respect, trust and feeling of brotherhood among individuals. Thereby, help creating new world, totally accessed to a progressive and healed minds free of stress, miseries and deprivation.

Let us all pledge to travel to heal the world and make this beautiful earth a paradise to live on.

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