Moonlight Yoga and Food Drive

Hawaii Pacific University Guest Blogger Student Series

After biking our way from Aloha Tower, my classmate and I arrived to Magic Island Park right on the edge of the water overlooking the skyline for our moonlight yoga class. The atmosphere was insanely calming, the full moon and candles were our only light source for the class. The instructor Julia was pleasant to listen to and extremely helpful throughout the entire class, it was a great yoga class for all levels to participate in! There was a pretty large turn out with about 30 people all practicing yoga and mindfulness underneath the full moon. During the class we practiced a variety of yoga poses and the tempo was easy to keep up with but not so slow that it felt underwhelming. There was an assistant instructor upfront with Julia to demonstrate all of the poses and I found that very useful as I am more of a visual learner. Everyone participating was very respectful and seemed to be focused on bettering themselves and finding relaxation through this class. Towards the end of the session, Julia had everyone divide into two lines and hold onto the stranger next to them as a bonding activity. While we were in these lines we practiced some poses that focused on stability and balance and everyone worked together to achieve these poses. It was a really fun environment especially during the group bonding because everyone was so open and happy to be there sharing the moment with one another. The two hour class felt like it flew by in thirty minutes and before we knew it the session was over. Julia the instructor thanked everyone for coming out and told us where we could bring our food or cash donations. My classmate Abby and I had brought some non perishable items to donate and it felt really good to know we were giving back to the community while bettering ourselves in the yoga class. I had a really great time at my first travel2change event and would recommend this to all. I’m looking forward to possibly more events in the near future!

– Rose St.Hilaire

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