Full Moon Yoga & Food-drive

by Yoga Bliss Hawaii

Magic Island, a peninsula adjacent to Waikiki that’s connected to Ala Moana Beach Park (the state’s largest), offers a tranquil setting for moonlight yoga. Harness the sound of the waves while glowing in the moon rays to strengthen your body and soul. At the same time, you can spread love and energy to the people that you care about. Share gratitude for the things you have in life by bringing a can or two of non-perishable food items collected onsite and donated to the Hawaii Foodbank. Our keiki (children), kupuna (elders), makuahine hoʻokahi (single mothers), and others struggling to survive the escalating cost of living, depending on the foodbank which exists on donations like yours. With your support, we will fulfill our mission with integrity, humanity, and aloha.


  • Enjoy a candlelit vinyasa yoga flow by the sea under the full moon.
  • Connect with Mother Earth and honor Hina, the Moon Goddess.
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and spread the Aloha.
  • Do full moon Yoga and donate non-perishable food items to Hawaii foodbank

Know Before You Book

  • No drop-ins – Must register in advance on travel2change
  • Be Early (allow 10 extra minutes to walk from the parking lot (limited spots)).
  • Introduce yourself to the yoga instructor and indicate you signed up via travel2change while placing your donations in the designated area

5 reviews

  1. Where You Want to be When it's Full Moon

    If you’re in Hawaii for the full moon, you don’t want to miss Julia’s full moon yoga class! So peaceful to be doing yoga with the full moon shining down on you.

  2. Namaste

    Great and relaxing experience, especially if you’re here for vacation. Awesome way to relieve some stress on this beautiful island!

  3. Amazing

    If you want to experience a relaxing night in Hawaii you need to check this out. It was my frist time doing yoga with an amazing atmosphere. While we were doing yoga you can hear the sounds of the waves, the moonlight shining on your face and the feeling of earth on your skin. It was wonderful to feel one with the nature. My friends and I met lots of people from different backgrounds and gave back to the community by helping out with the Food Bank. It was a night full of Aloha.



  4. The most perfect yoga setting

    This event is amazing. One of the best perks of living here on Oahu. Picture this – As you walk down magic island the sun is setting to your right through a row of palm trees overlooking the ocean. The sky is fiery red. As you approach the end of magic island the sun has set, you arrive to a grassy candlelit area filled with yoga mats and hear the gentle sounds of waves lapping against the shore. You set down your mat and look up to a giant full moon illuminating Waikiki and the dark blue ocean in front of you. Julia comes up to greet you, thanking you for being there. She turns on a relaxing mix of full moon inspired music just the right tempo for the mood. She leads an empowering and powerful yoga practice centered around love and inward thinking. Shavasana has never felt so sweet. As you lay in the fresh grass, you smell the sweet smell of plumeria flowers and feel the cool ocean breeze brush against you. If you open your eyes and look up you will without a doubt have the thought, “I love my life” fill your mind. It is true paradise.

  5. Relaxation under the Full Moon + Free head massage!

    Join this event if you want to make use of the powerful energy of a full moon when visiting Oahu. This event gives you a great view of the Waikiki City Lights and a rising full moon over Diamond Head. Very romantic, relaxing, and enjoyable.
    The instructor was very friendly and professional, everyone got to enjoy a head massage after the class in savasana!

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