Join this activity before the birds return

Preserving our native species

What makes this habitat truly special is that it’s the only one of its kind remaining on Oahu’s south shore.The volunteer period runs from January to March

Restoring this property from a vacant residential lot into a native coastal habitat is an ongoing Hawai’i Audubon Society project. The volunteering period runs every year from January to March, when there are no Shearwaters in residence. The project involves: cleaning the area, removing invasive plants, and helping to open up blocked burrows.

The view from the private property is outstanding! There is an impressive blowhole nearby, and you’re likely to spot whales and dolphins swimming. All in all, it is a fun opportunity to get to know locals and learn first-hand about Hawaii’s distinctive wildlife.

This activity is available only in March, because then the seabirds return and their habitat needs to be ready. Sign up via their website or call Audubon at 808-528-1432.


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