Hike and restore Hawaii’s native ecosystem

Restoring the ‘Aina

The Manoa Cliff Native Reforestation Project is an exciting opportunity that adds a positive spin on hiking! The project seeks to restore a small 6-acre area of forest, while giving the hikers a serene view to enjoy. The amount of native vegetation along the trail has been rapidly declining, which is why volunteers are asked to help remove alien weeds and replace them with native plants. The feeling of restoring the natural land was rewarding!

The trail is easily accessible, offers a breath-taking view, and is a nice work-out on a Sunday morning! It takes approximately 30 minutes to hike up to the area of forest. After helping to cut ginger plants and cinnamon trees for 2.5 hours, we all enjoyed lunch together underneath a cool, shady tree in the middle of the forest.

The entire Manoa Cliff Native Reforestation Project team was extremely friendly and excited to share their wealth of knowledge with us all. During the day, you’re likely to come across chameleons, native birds, and other exotic animals. Throughout the hike, I learned a great deal about native Hawaiian plants, animals, and the local people.

Join in on the fun! The group meets at the Manoa Cliff Trailhead on Tantalus Drive at 9 AM, every Sunday, weather permitting.

For more information, check out their website!

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  1. Dusty Loffarelli

    Today I volunteered with Manoa Cliff restoration project. Juliet welcomed me at the trailhead. right on time. Brandon lead me an a hike to their 6 arce sight & taught me about many tree & plants along the way. Keri a masters botany student brought native plants she raised in pots. I cleared envasive ginger, & planted the native. It was fun & I connected to make a difference, while enjoying great views & exercise. Mahalo

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