The best travel2change sports ideas

Impactful fitness

Over the last couple of months we asked you how to use sports and travel to create change. The goal of travel2change sports was to create new ideas. Hopefully we will see many ideas put into action.

We thank our jury members Heather Gibson, Alexandra Coghlan, Sarah Murray, Christoph Holzhaider and Johnny Nesslinger for sharing their expertise and evaluated all submissions. They considered the impact, local support, feasibility, fun and sustainability of the idea. Next, we included our community votes to get to the list of the top ideas. Here are the top travel2change sports ideas:


1.     Breaking down barriers for children with disabilities by Isabel De Vugt

2.     Get Outdoors and Climb! by Leahl Livingston

3.     Building multi-use athletic courts in impoverished communities by Courts For Kids

4.     Football therapy for street children and youth by Hannehellvik

5.     Join a fun football project and inspire lots of children! by Esther Namatovu

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