Observing local identity

Unfortunately, it was already time to say goodbye to all the kids, Katia, the Villa Tranquila and to Itacaré and all the great people there. I had an amazing and unforgettable time. Thank you soooooo much to everybody involved who made it possible. While driving all the way from Itacaré to Salvador you get so many impressions of how life is in this area of Brazil called Bahia, the landscape, the Atlantic rainforest and its diversity and unfortunately also its deforestation. Next to the road you can see every now and then some building sites and some areas of deforestation. With an original area of 1.3 million square kilometers, the Atlantic Rainforest was reduced to 7,6% of its original size. Therefore it is really important to raise awareness for the Atlantic Rainforest or Mata Atlantica, how the locals call it. Hope the pictures give you a good impression on everyday life here. I’m heading next to Salvador for a couple of days and then to Rio and the surroundings of São Paulo. I’m quite excited to get to know some of the biggest cities of Brazil and see and experience how life is there! J All the best from Brazil! Até ja!


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