Meeting Katia

Education through connection

Finally, I managed to find Katia’s small but very cute little language school and talk to her about the project and the cooperation between the Austrian and Brazilian schools. The problem was that I didn’t have any address in the beginning and I couldn’t reach her by phone. Itacaré is not a huge town but I was always looking at the big public schools for her where of course I couldn’t find her.

Katia is super nice and ambitious and was very much into the project right away. Her school is very organized and the timetable was already set for Thursday. Furthermore, the kids have off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So we wanted to get it started on Monday. But unfortunately on Monday was a public holiday so finally, we said to start with everything on Thursday. The plan was that I will have as many classes as possible with different age groups of the kids. One teacher will help me out with the Portuguese to explain it to the kids what the project is all about and that they will get an Austrian pen friend. I’m really looking forward to meeting the kids J


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