Finding our way around Itacaré

A day at the beach

Itacaré is a very cute little surfertown with beautiful sandy beaches and a lively citycenter with lots of restaurants, shops, bars and hostels. With everything going on “Brasilian time” it was quite a challenge to find and catch up with Katia, the teacher from the school in Itacaré I’m collaborating with. But once more I experienced how helpful the Brazilians are. When I asked around town whether someone knows Katia or where to find her, they all tried to help, made phone calls and went with me from one shop to the other to ask around.
After another day passed by where we couldn’t find Katia we spent the day on the beach. The best thing about this beach was that there is a Skate-Bowl right next to it. Robert brought his skateboard and gave it to the local kids. It was simply great to see how much fun they had skating around the bowl and how ambitious they were. Some friends from Austria and Slovenia who are travelling with us started playing soccer with the kids. Even some heavy rain couldn’t stop them all. Everybody especially the kids where totally into the game with all their emotions- well Brasil is definitely a soccer country- true story!
I hope I can catch up with Katia tomorrow and finally talk with her about the project and get it started.


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