Create awareness, win a trip to Brazil!

The Atlantic Rainforest challenge

We just launched our second challenge for 2014: The Atlantic Rainforest challenge. We’re very exited to join forces with SuddenRush Guarana and the Atlantic Rainforest Institution to raise awareness for one of the most diverse and biologically rich forests in the world. In this bountiful region, there is a burning problem. The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world. 93% of its original size has been destroyed, but almost no one knows about this devastation. Let’s change that! We challenge you to create an idea that raises public awareness about the Atlantic Rainforest. Whether you use your passion for arts, sports, filming or whatever your love to do, describe the trip you want to take to raise awareness! We’ll send the winner on an all-inclusive trip to Itacare, Brazil to make the idea happen! A unique feature of this challenge is how we fund the winning idea. If you are you in Innsbruck, stop by at the SixtyTwenty and drink an organic SuddenRush Gurana shot. With every SuddenRush Shot you drink, you support the Atlantic Rainforest. Let’s travel2change the Atlantic Rainforest!

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