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Everyone loves to travel. But let’s face it, all travels do not benefit local communities. How can travelers use their passion to make a positive impact during their trip? In an open call for meaningful travel experience ideas, local hosts are encouraged to submit a meaningful travel experience that would benefit their community. Travelers vote for their favorite ideas and discuss the experiences.

How can you participate? If you run a nonprofit or are a local community member in Hawaii, submit your idea to host a meaningful travel experience that could benefit your community. Show how travelers can support you to accomplish your goals. Whether you are working on a project, or you want to tackle an issue that bothers you, sharing your idea for an experience is the first step towards bringing it to life. As a traveler passionate about Hawaii and social change, discover meaningful experiences you want to join, get inspired and vote for your favorite idea.

All the submitted travel experiences will be evaluated by an expert jury. The best ideas will be awarded according to feasibility, sustainability, fun facts and social impact.


Find out more at our travel2change Hawaii site.


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