Let’s provide people in Yunnan, China with clean water.

Let’s provide people in Yunnan, China with clean water.

A friend of mine went on a voluntary trip to Yunnan China and she came back sharing her unforgettable experience with us:

“We went there to teach the kids basic English. I did some research before I went and thought I was mentally prepared to see a poor living environment. But when I arrived and see the real thing, I am still so shocked that I couldn’t say anything.”

Here’s what Gillian showed us, a picture of a dirty water reservoir with not a lot of water in it, which is the water supply for a family of 7, plus 2 dogs.

According to NTD Television, the residents of Yunnan Province have been dealing with an ongoing drought since 2009. The drought has dried up nine rivers and 30 reservoirs, over 8.67 million people are now facing water problem.

As a community who strives to make travel purposeful, what can we do for people in the area? Can we make this the next project for Travel2change? What exactly we can do to teach people in the area about water hygiene and better ways to treat and store water? Can Travel2change and the community come up a drought-relieving water project?

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