How traveling has affected me

Having the ability to travel has always been an uncommon luxury for myself, due to the fact that I hardly have the finances in order to travel somewhere. It is probably because of this fact that I really appreciate the times that I do get to travel to some places. Throughout my lifetime, I have only left Hawaii on about 5 different occasions, where each time has affected me greatly. Having the ability to experience life outside of Hawaii, I have been able to witness different cultures/sub-cultures, which is much different than island life. Although each trip has served a different purpose, it was a refreshing experience, which I would like to continue. Being able to interact with people from different places, has been healthy for me, because I found that most people outside of Hawaii are actually really good people. This experience is refreshing for me, because before going on these trips, I could only rely on bad information and rumors about how people from the mainland are; usually being negative information. This is of course not true from my experience, which goes to show how respectful and closer society is getting. I can honestly say traveling has had a positive effect on me.

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