Water sports for the social good

When you think of Hawaii what comes to mind? Most answers to this question consist of some combination of sunshine, beaches, and exceptional waves. Without a doubt, all of those answers are accurate. However, these majestic images only paint part of the picture.
Did you know 1 in 8 Hawaii public school students drop out or fail to graduate from high school? In addition, there are over 5000 adolescents in Hawaii’s juvenile justice system, with fewer than 65 juvenile probation officers. These issues merely scratch the surface of an expanding and often unnoticed darker side of life in Hawaii.

The natural wonders of the Hawaiian Islands provide the foundation for the non-profit organization “Surfrider Spirit Sessions” based on the island of Oahu. Surfrider Spirit Sessions provides “ocean-based experiential education, mentoring programs and activities” to at-risk youth. Through these programs, they “teach ocean awareness and environmental sensitivity.” Their athletic and inspirational services educate and enrich the lives of the people they serve.

Have you recognized a community or population in need of education, mentorship or guidance? Can you think of ways you could make a difference in their lives? Let’s organize a sports camp or adventurous activity like the ones provided by “Surfrider Spirit Sessions.” Submit your sports, educational or environmental project idea in our travel2change challenge and together let’s improve the lives of people in need.

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