Helpful wastewater treatment

Natural disasters, like the recent earthquakes in Japan, devastate both populations and environments. The effects these events often ripple out far further than the immediately observed impacts. In China, the Sichuan earthquake led to the pollution of the Minjiang river, in West Sichuan province. Many of the people of the Yuanshan village depend upon this river to supply their water needs.

A team of people, in collaboration with Lien Aid, worked to build a wastewater treatment system. This system was designed so that it would operate at a low cost and maintenance would be easily manageable, ensuring its sustainability. This facility eliminated contaminates and prevented the further pollution of the river.

This project was realized through the efforts of a dedicated team in collaboration with the Lien Foundation and the Nanyang Technological University. The project was submitted as an idea initiative to the “The Lien Challenge.” This challenge is open to specific students in the university with the aim of creating projects that address water and sanitation issues in China.
Your project ideas, when submitted to The Travel for Change Challenge, can change the lives of communities. Initiate real change by contributing to our challenge and rethink travel. Ideas like this are perfect submissions for in our health and environment categories. You too can make a difference in the health and environments of others, just like this project did for the people of Yuanshan village.

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