Local I’a

We buy seafood directly from local fishers and distribute it to the community and chefs islandwide. We shorten the supply chain to get fresher fish to you and fair payment to the fisher. We sell both whole and fileted fish, as well as a myraid of specialty items both ready to eat and ready to cook, frozen, dried, smoked…we do everything to utilize the whole fish and throw as little away as possible. You can purchase our seafood and products directly from our kitchen in Kaimuki Thursday-Sunday as well as through our prepaid CSF service with pickups around the island. We are at the Mililani farmers market every Sunday and you can also get our fish and products through Farmlink delivery service and at a few other various businesses. We also provide wholesale to a few chefs like Robynne at Fete and Patrick at La Vie.

Phone: (808) 492-8331

Email: info@localiahawaii.com

Social Media:

Instagram: @localiahawaii

Facebook: localiacsf

Web: www.localiahawaii.com

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