Voyaging Foods & Canoe Plant Collective

Voyaging Foods & Canoe Plant Collective

Voyaging Foods makes gluten-free, tasty food products utilizing canoe plant flour that is made in-house. Based on a poi cookie made with taro that her great-grandmother gave her as a child, Brynn brought forth that recollection to a home-made teething biscuit using Taro Powder all out of her home kitchen over a decade ago. Now, Taro Powder is the foundation for all we make. Fast forward to today and protecting the supply of these canoe plants is foremost on the agenda, therefore Canoe Plant Collective was born from permaculture partners Maile Kamisugi and Brynn Foster. The Wayfinders are flour making micro factories on the farm and the solution to value-added issues. Our goal is to partner with like-minded companies to innovate energy-efficient, value-added food systems that provide access and availability of canoe plants for our local communities. The collective comprises farmers, millers, bakers and homemakers who transform canoe plants such as taro, breadfruit, sweet potato and other plants into healthy products for consumers and other businesses. Our vision is to transition Hawai‘i to a regenerative food and farming system focused on livelihood and culture, which will improve access to and availability of underutilized indigenous crops.

Phone: (808) 220-0470


Social Media: @Voyagingfoods

Web: www.voyagingfoods.com

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