Planting a native forest on the North Shore of Oahu

Malama ‘Aina – to care for the land and natural resources

Casandra helped planting a native forest in Waimea Valley…

11251001_928383017221988_1285175529149288481_nThe experience of hiking Waimea Valley’s restoration tour was fulfilling and educational. Planting native species for future generations is a wonderful cause and something I appreciate.
In order to gauge the distance of the hike, I used my Fitbit monitor. It is about 2 miles to the site of planting and weeding out and 2 miles back. At the beginning, everyone chants the Hawaiian chant asking permission to enter the valley. I found this to be very precious. The hike is exclusive and should only be attempted with the experienced guides. Laurent was a wonderful guide and made the trip unforgettable and fun.

The trail is narrow with turns and some steep ledged areas. There is loose rock as well. You get to pass some historic sites and things you normally never see at the tourist area of Waimea Valley. Wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, and proper hiking shoes is a must. There are a lot of plants you will brush up against. I wore hat and sun glasses to protect myself. I also had on sunblock and bug repellant. I didn’t want to get sun burned and I didn’t want to be eaten by bugs. The 2 liters of water were necessary. I found that I didn’t bring enough water. A 32 ounce hydroflask water bottle is not enough and I realized I needed more water. The planting and digging were fun. I brought gloves from home or my hands would have been the color of the red iron soil. I learned about different native Hawaiian plant species.

11400971_928382947221995_3620919963051420161_nWe had lunch under a giant mango tree. The vog was out on this trip, so it wasn’t easy to stay hydrated. I’m sure on other occasions you can feel the trade winds but there were none. The getting rid of invasive species was not so fun given the hot weather. Despite this being the least favorite part of the trip, I’d do it again. I learned a lot and had a really good time.

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