From volunteer projects to meaningful and fun travel experiences

The new and improved

Improved website

Daniel, Michael and Filip visited me in San Francisco and worked hard to bring you a new and improved travel2change. The new travel2change is better, simpler and funner then all the travel2changes before this travel2change:

  • You can now communicate with travelers and locals through private messages
  • Show your experience on our map
  • Upload multiple pictures to your profile and for your meaningful travel experiences
  • Show your actions and much more

All aimed at helping you to use your passion to create a positive impact during your trip. Log in to discover travel2change experiences, post a new experience and keep your participants posted about what you’ve been up to. Besides the technical improvements we clarified what travel2change stands for.

More focus

While switching from projects to experiences was a simple technical change, it helps us to clarify our focus. Travel2change is not only for travelers, who want to go on a trip to volunteer in a developing country. It is about inspiring all travelers to participate in experiences that create a positive impact while they travel.

Still confused? Learn how it works. Thanks for being a part of travel2change.

See you on our new site!

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