And the winner is…

Competition for preservation

Steffi Krallinger!

Her idea on how to create awareness for the Atlantic Rainforest among primary school kids in Austria and Brazil convinced the jury and our community!

Last Friday, we selected the winner of the Atlantic Rainforest Challenge. The five most popular ideas were presented and discussed in a workshop at Die Bäckerei in Innsbruck with our jury.

There was consensus, that Steffis idea “Kids Are The Future” is not only in the most advanced stage but also meets the goals of all three involved partners best, i.e. travel2change, Atlantic Rainforest Institution and SuddenRush Guarana.

Thanks to our sponsor Tobis Travel Solutions, Steffi will make a meaningful trip to Itacaré to initiate a school exchange program between Brazilian and Austrian School Kids. Of course, we will keep you updated about her progress!

Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks for taking time!

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