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We’ve re-launched travel2change as a place for our community to connect with each other and collaborate on projects that create change around the world: Here’s what we improved to empower you to use your passion to create change around the world:


Share your passion and travel plans

We believe volunteer travel should be fun. Rather than work abroad, we empower you to use your passion to travel with a purpose. We hope you’ll take a minute to update your profile to benefit from the changes:

  • Log in to
  • Hit the Edit button
  • Share your passion, travel plans and past trips
  • Click update profile


Create projects directly

We simplified the process for project creation. You can submit projects anytime, to any location, with any purpose. We’re curious to see your project!


Find projects according to location or passion

With your help, we want to showcase a wide range of projects that are essential for a sustainable and peaceful future. You can now find projects from across the world filtered according to your passion.


The strength of travel2change is in its potential for large-scale impact made possible by travelers, locals and organizations working together. We strive to unleash this potential. Let us know how we can make travel2change better for you!


Thanks for joining our journey at our new home!

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