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Submissions to travel2change’s latest challenge, “I travel2…” are now open for public vote. We’ve asked you to finish the sentence “I travel 2…” and upload a photograph in support of your idea. Over 40 inspiring trip ideas have been submitted to the challenge. The ideas with the most public votes for the challenge will get shortlisted. Then a jury of volunteer travel experts will judge the top-voted ideas, awarding three winners with $500 to go on a trip to make their idea happen.

We are thankful to our jury members:

Valeria Gracia, founder and Director of Voluntario Global NGO from Argentina is dedicated to the relationship with each institution under Voluntario Global and helps to create jobs and national and international collaboration networks. She is also a member of “The International Ecotourism Society” (TIES) and the responsible for Argentina of “Red de turismo”.

Paul Miedema, Director of Calabash Tours and Co-founder of Calabash Trust, a developmental NGO, focusing on Education issues and uses travel philanthropy as a method of funding. He has consulting experience in the area of heritage, sustainable tourism and volunteer tourism and practical experiences of using tourism as a development tool in disadvantages communities.

Doug Cutchins, director of Social Commitment at Grinnel College, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Suriname in the mid-1990s. He has spent the last two decades connecting people with travel and service opportunities.  He is the co-author of Volunteer Vacations.

Nancy McGehee is an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech. She is a sociologist who studies the socio-cultural impacts of tourism, primarily in the areas of rural and volunteer tourism. She has published, taught, and consulted in the area of volunteer tourism since 1997.

The public voting closes on February 13, 2013. Winners will be announced on or before February 26, 2013.

Contribute to the selection of the best ideas and cast your vote.


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