Culture Shock

Image provided by Hanno Mackowitz

While we were sitting there in the park, one guy threw away his cigarette butt in the lake. Obviously, it would contaminate this beautiful and shiny lake.

The colorful goldfish would continue to die because of it. I asked him, “Hey! What are you doing? Why did you do that?”

“What? How old are you?” the guy said.
“I think I am younger than you,” I said.
“Ha! Then just stay quiet. It’s none of your business. I think you are really rude!”
“What? Hey, think about the goldfish! Are you going to be happy if I throw a cigarette butt at you?”

He reviled me, and he tried to hit me. I couldn’t understand why he was angry like a mad dog. My friend persuaded him and me to clam down. I was
really angry, so I just left that place. Later, my friends asked me,

“Hey! Why did you do that?”
“What? What did I do?”
“You shouldn’t do that. He is older than you!!”
“What? He was wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong!”
“This is Korea. Even though he was wrong, you shouldn’t blame him.”

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