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As someone who has not traveled outside the United States, in my 24 years of existence, I am really excited to for my study abroad trip to South Korea. I can not wait to soak in the culture in my own eyes and hands and get lost in the deep ponderings of how their culture could be implemented in other countries to promote change. *que wavy segway dream like sequence*

For example:

South Korea Robot industry is a booming business. They have robots that teach class, make toast, and conduct an orchestra and so much more. What if those same robots were placed in the hands of villagers in Mali, where little girls have to walk miles to collect water for their families daily? What if they program their robots to fetch the water for them? They would store the water inside them, and come back quickly and if someone stole their robot they couldn’t get it to it because its password protected, but luckily it has a GPS tracking system so the owners could get it back. What if??

• On May 5th, every year, Koreans celebrate Children’s Day, which is simply a day to recognize and show appreciation for children. Typically children of the family are showered with gifts, money and take trips. For countries where children labor is mandatory for family survival, think the holiday will give one day for children to act, behave and appreciate being a child, instead of as a working young boy or girl. It still does not change the awful situation but it would give these children something happy and fun to look forward to because it is all about them. What if?

• South Koreans practice with Concept of Kibin, which is a state of mind, associated with pride, saving face, and personal feelings. This concept affects every aspect of Korean life. This means maintain harmony, calm, pleasant atmosphere at all times. Kibin is a wonderful concept that should be a adopted world wide. Maybe there would be fewer wars and fewer crimes. What if?

These are some of the thoughts I hope to contemplate and share, with the hopes it inspires positive change with at least one individual.

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