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Sports. It is likely that practically each and every person on Earth has engaged in some sort of sporting activity at some point in time.

Living a lifetime full of sporting activities can bring an immeasurable amount of joy to an individual. However, these opportunities can be limited to people for many reasons such as the lack of time and equipment.  Thus, many people cannot engage in enriching sporting activities.  Our community at travel2change can encourage and foster these activities for those who currently do not have access. By bringing sporting activities to these communities we will also bring about numerous secondary benefits.

During the simple act of passing an item back and forth children are taught lessons of social survival and competence. They are exposed to numerous opportunities to share, exercise, and laugh. Even the simplest games can improve physical aptitudes like agility, dexterity, and speed. Furthermore, children exercise their decision making skills. In their futures, they will have distinct benefits from this preliminary exposure to these necessary skills.

So, if we’ve all had the opportunity to play at some point in our lives, have we also all been members of simple sports teams? The phrase “sports team” doesn’t naturally imply competitiveness. Even two people throwing a ball must work as a team for their sporting activity to work. These cooperative efforts benefit participants immensely, even in a group so small. These simple social arrangements require teamwork and collaboration. These skills learned are invaluable in the pursuit of social and professional success. If a person can work well with others he or she has already conquered a crucial step necessary in goal achievement.  But benefits of sports teams span far further than social and life skills.

Athletic is synonymous with healthy. Dr. Jonathan Meyers, in the article Exercise and Cardiovascular Health, points out numerous health benefits that come along with regular physical activities like sports. These activities reduce body fat which leads to a reduction in both cholesterol and blood pressure ( These healthy improvements lead to other numerous improvements in bodily functions such as reduced back, joint, and foot pain. Furthermore, exercise can enhance self-esteem through improvements in body image and feelings of aptitude.

We at travel2change can implement projects that will help foster this wellbeing. Projects submitted in our sports category can help people achieve these benefits. To maintain consistency with the current theme of our idea generation challenge, water, we encourage you to look outside the box for water sport activities. There are an immense amount of water sports which can provide all these benefits while providing joy and entertainment. Travelers can act as mentors and coaches, and encourage those they interact with to do the same for others. By utilizing our resources to foster sporting activities we will foster improved wellbeing, morale, and strengthen community bonds. Let’s help each other realize the benefits of sporting activities and teams.

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