“Uganda Preschool Potty Project” by Cindy

Cindy is one of our community members from Washington, United States. She has submitted a project idea that shall help 3-4 year old kids in the Cabana Nursery School in Kisubi, Uganda to meet some basic needs – access to safe toilets!

“The Cabana Nursery School is a preschool in Kisubi, Uganda, providing desperately poor  3-4 year old children, many of whom are orphans, with education, nutrition, safe haven, hope, and love.  Without school, frankly, many of these little ones would go days without a bite to eat.”

“The goal of this project is to replace the Cabana Nursery School’s dangerous, unrepairable pit latrine with flushing toilets.  The sinking pit latrine has led to the practice of children needing to urinate into holes filled with rocks on school grounds which, combined with the failed latrine, is causing waste to leach into the ground water and produce an unsanitary, foul smelling school yard.  Flushing toilets will improve the students‘ environment, health, and even school achievement as they will be able to independently toilet themselves instead of needing a teacher to interrupt instruction in order to help a student “go the the bathroom“ in a hole in the yard.”

“I learned of the need through Sr. Bernadette Nanyonjo, headmaster of the school, whom I met when she travelled from Uganda to my town for the ordination of her brother, Fr. Luta Nsubuga, a new priest in my diocese.  Through our growing friendship, I have learned of the incredible faith, generosity and joy of the Ugandan people while also learning of the oppressive poverty in developing countries.”


“Since meeting Fr. Luta Nsubuga and Sr. Bernadette from Uganda, I have become personally familiar, not just in my head, but in my heart as well, with the suffering and inconvenience caused by the lack of the basic development that Americans take for granted.  These new friendships turned into a “threshold” moment.”

Would I walk by saying I was too busy attending to other matters or would I walk across the threshold to respond to a neighbor in need?”

“This project has shown me how important travel is to bind people in meaningful relationships around the world.  Since Sr. Bernadette and Fr. Luta traveled to my town, my worldview, sense of responsibility, and understanding of the giftedness of the poor have expanded; my family and friends have grown globally; I’ve helped educate others about the needs in the developing world; and, I’ve been provided the opportunity to share the resources with which I’ve been blessed.”

How can travel2change help?

“Travel2change can best help this project by providing funds to assist in the completion of the preschool potty project.  I have raised $3,000 among family and friends to get the project started.  I would be willing to travel to Uganda, however, the costs associated with my travel might be better dedicated to the needs of this very poor community.”

“Once the toilet facilities are established, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix will be responsible for sustaining the facilities through working with local tradesmen, the Church, and community members.”

Anything else you would like to share with us, Cindy?

“The acute poverty of Uganda is exacerbated by a variety of factors such as family breakdown, AIDS, war in neighboring countries, government corruption, political strife, poor infrastructure, and lack of a social welfare system all of which are harming innumerable innocent children who suffer abandonment, neglect, and extreme deprivation.  Cabana Nursery School provides these victimized children with a sheltered place to play, a meal, participation in healthy relationships, and education that gives them hope for a future where their gifts and talents can be developed for the good of all.  Thanks to the Travel2Change community members for making a difference in our world!  Please show your support for the Uganda Preschool Potty Project!”

Thank you Cindy for telling us more about your project idea!

If you want to help this beautiful and necessary idea, then join us on http://www.travel2change.org/idea.php?id=19 and vote for Cindy’s project!

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