“H2O Education in Kenya” by Nina

Nina’s project idea is based in the Khwisero region of Western Kenya. Nina herself is a Health Science student living in the United States. Read about her inspiring project that combines providing safe drinking water with education on other important matters that will improve health for many people.

“My project idea is aiming to educate students and their families on the importance of water and hygiene sanitation.” The Montana State University (MSU) chapter of Engineers without Borders has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund seven borehole wells, six composting latrines and a biogas latrine that serve thousands of community members in the Khwisero region of Western Kenya.  They are currently working on an education component to teach students on healthy sanitation practices, how to purify water, and much more.  The education component will be helped achieved with the support of Project WET Foundation (Water Education for Teachers), another non-profit organization that will be providing educational resources according to Morgan Perlson, the international projects assistant from the Project WET Foundation. She will be providing me with the appropriate contact information of project team leaders from Engineers Without Borders – MSU, whom currently could use more volunteers.”

Nina’s states some concerning facts around health

“Water and hygiene education is important to local communities because currently, one billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water according to the World Health Organization. Water contaminated with faeces, for example, from sewage, septic tanks and latrines, contains microorganisms that can cause diarrhea. Diarrheal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, and is responsible for killing 1.5 million children every year.”

“The children’s health is my main concern as a current health science student and future health professional.” 

“The Health Science program at Hawaii Pacific University has brought me increased awareness on the current global health problems, primarily the health problems plaguing the lives of individuals suffering and dying from preventable diseases much like the victims of diarrheal disease.  According to my research, most people who die from diarrhea actually die from severe dehydration and fluid loss. Diarrheal disease can also spread from person-to-person, aggravated by poor personal hygiene.”

How can travel2change support your project?

“I expect Travel2change to support achieving my idea in partnering me with determined voluntary travelers, and providing funding that will ensure the consistency and effectiveness of our volunteer efforts.”


Nina, thank you for portraying your project idea! We wish you good luck!

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