Yoga & Hawaiian Ocean Healing Tradition

by Hōkūpa'a ($)

Connect your breath, movement, and posture then cleanse into the sea.

This activity gives you the opportunity to increase your positive energy and take the time to reflect, to find your inner peace.

Starting with a yoga flow right by the sea, then be led into a refreshing ancient Hawaiian rite of ocean healing called hi’uwai. With the spiritual leadership and guidance from a local Kahu, experience the chants and traditions of this ancient Hawaiian ceremony.


    • Enjoy yoga by the sea under the swaying trees
    • Experience Hi’uwai, the traditional Hawaiian rite of Ocean Healing.
    • Led by a Master Hawaiian Storyteller
    • Connect with Mother Earth and honor Hina, the moon Goddess.
    • Meet people from different backgrounds and exchange your Aloha with theirs.
    • Find your inner strength and peace


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  1. Magical Waikiki

    I have been fortunate to experience Ocean Healing twice now and I must say I wish I could do it every week. Manly explains why the beaches in Waikiki are magical and after you get to experience it yourself.

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