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Your donation helps encourage travelers to make a difference in our community. travel2change is a Hawaii based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation keeps our activities free or affordable for everyone to join.

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When you join a activity and book now, you share your support for community and indigenous-minded organizations, businesses and activities. Help us lead regenerative destination management movement that will help keep Hawaii beautiful and restore balance to the pae aina (the Hawaiian archipelago).

See sights that few get invited to see. Family-friendly fun and wellness experiences of a lifetime await as your local host guides authentic Hawaii experiences that help preserve Native Hawaiian culture, environmental and local restoration while cultivating true connection to the land itself.

Authentic experiences, tasting Hawaii, human and natural connection helps to promote better travel behavior, environmental and cultural etiquette for all our guests. To make activities more accessible many are free or discounted. Making Hawaii’s environment healthier and supporting local is what drives our regenerative economy.

Did we also mention fun? We believe that sharing aloha can start with being of service and offering a hand for Hawaii at unique locations with local hosts. Learn and do something new! Whatever you’re looking for in an activity, they are easy to find on our website,

We look forward to sharing lifelong memories and making new friends to keep in touch next time you visit. Perhaps you may even take some of the malama spirit home with you, too, to wherever your travels take you. Each choice, each activity together, makes a travel2change impact toward a more a thriving, regenerative Hawaii.


‘A‘ohe hua o ka mai‘a i ka lā ho’okaāhi
Hwn. When a task is done together no task is too big

How It Works

travel2change connects travelers and the local community to create a positive impact.

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Nonprofits or local tour operators invite you for fun and impactful activities.

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Experience travel2change activities that are fun and create a positive impact.

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Community comes together to make a difference.

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