Heal Coral & Restore a Reef

by Kuleana Coral Outreach ($ Donations Accepted)

Note: This event is held on a semi-monthly basis.

Disclaimer: This site follows COVID-19 protocols which are updated with the Hawai‘i State Department of Health and may restrict certain activities. Please check with your local provider as protocols may change.

Please Note: State of Hawaii requires permits for activities or actions associated with coral restoration.  Do not touch live coral without first consulting the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).

Hawaii’s marine scientists are working to protect and record data valuable to our island’s unique coral reef system.  A reality that most visitors never get to see or learn from, especially first hand from experts.

Join us on this unique opportunity to participate in a transformative experience that will help manage, improve, and protect Hawaii’s unique coral reefs.  Participate with our team of dedicated marine biologists on Oahu’s west coast.

Combining Hawaiian culture with science, you will learn and contribute to resilient coral reef ecosystems.


• Learn cultural and ecological importance of coral reefs

•  Insure coral reefs heath for future generations with our to Coral Restoration program

• ID coral species, tag, measure, and assess their health for scientific database

• Rehab injured coral for a new life on the reef

• Receive updates on the coral’s progress, even after you’ve returned home

• Coming soon: you may also join our biologists for a Snorkel to place corals in the water on a coral table in the lagoon

Know Before You Join

• No drop-in’s; please join by using the calendar booking link above

• Open to ages 12 and up

• Able to stand for 45 minutes, lift 15 pounds

• As it is unlawful to handle coral without a permit, please fulfill at registration check-in

• Coming soon: Ability to snorkel in calm water

COVID-19 Update

  • Group sizes have been limited to adhere to State and CDC guidelines
  • Masks and social distancing may be required



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